Find Premium WordPress Plugins to Help You Customize Your Site, Without Having to Code

 WordPress is the World’s most popular CMS, but lets face it, sometimes you just want it to do more.

Sometimes the changes are easy, or there is already a decent free WordPress plugin available. Unfortunately most of the time you cannot find exactly what you want, and you suddenly realize you need someone do some custom coding.

Hiring your own coder can be expensive, and some premium plugin websites will sell you plugins that spam your dashboard. Some premium plugin providers will even charge you a subscription to get rid of advertisements for a plugin that you have already paid  for.

We think that if you pay for something, that’s what you should get.

When you buy a plugin licence from Niche Plugin there are no hidden surprises, no hidden fees, you get what you pay for!

  • We won’t spam your site or dashboard
  • We won’t try and coerce or force you in to buying a subscription
  • We will provide support on our forum to help you get the most of the plugins that you pay for
  • We will give you free updates for the version of the plugin that you buy (more info)
  • We will keep our prices reasonable, and never try to get more money from you after we have sold you a plugin!
  • We will give you LIFETIME access to download the products you buy
Our goal is to help provide our customers with cheap, stable, and secure WordPress plugins. We want to create plugins that help fill some of the gaps that are either too complicated, or merely overlooked by other WordPress plugin designers.  Of course finding out which plugins are missing from the WordPress repository is a challenge in itself, so please let us know if there is a plugin that doesn’t exist, but you think it should!