Our First Plugins are ESSENTIAL for any Multi Author Blog Owner

by ThisIsOli on April 1, 2012

Here at Niche Plugin we want to fill the gaps left by traditional WordPress plugins.  The first thing we wanted to tackle was multi author Wordpress sites.  

It’s a pretty well known fact now that the best way to get fresh content for your site is to get other people to write it for you.  Of course getting people to write on your site is hard enough, keeping them writing is difficult. Making sure they actually write something, not just copy and paste content from somewhere else is a horrible experience.

To help solve these problems we created two great WordPress plugins.

The first plugin is a Google Analytics Multi User Tracking plugin that lets you record site wide statistics in Google Analytics, but also lets your writers insert their own Google Analytics code. When people can see their traffic, it keeps them engaged.  Your writers are much more likely to keep writing if they can see what they are writing is bringing in traffic!

The second plugin makes sure you don’t get people trying to cheat the system.  Our Duplicate Content Scanner will check all the posts your authors  make to ensure they don’t try to post duplicate content on your website.

Combining both of these plugins is a brilliant way to help sure your multi author site succeeds, and doesn’t get drowned out by duplicate content.


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