What is Niche Plugins Going to Be?

by ThisIsOli on October 11, 2011

Have you ever found yourself really wanting a plugin that simply does not exist.  Even worse, you find the plugin you need but it comes lumbered with advertisements, unnecessary coding, or worst of all, practically required extortionate subscription fees?

As a webmaster I have definitely been there, I have suffered form the frustrations, had to deal with companies that try to pull every cent from you. Unfortunately in many cases the only way to really get the plugin you want is to have it custom built, which can often be an expensive proposition, either that or pay hundreds of dollars in annual subscription fees.

Niche Plugins is a new website that aims to bring cheap, high quality, subscription and ad free plugins to the average website owner.  We will not nickle and dime you to death, we do provide a very simple and competitively priced payment model.

On Niche Plugins we have only two licences – Single Site and Multi Site.

A single site licence is for use on only one website.  A multi-site licence lets you use the plugin on an unlimited number of websites that you own (If you build sites for clients these will require their own licences).

Once you have purchased a plugin you will not suffer from some of the more common problems which arise with other plugin providers, and we promise that our plugins will,

  • Never place advertisements on your dashboard.
  • Never place advertisements on your footer.
  • Never require a monthly subscription.
To put it bluntly, we want you to be happy with the service we provide!


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