Let your authors track their traffic, keyword searches and more on Google Analytics!

Owning a multi author site is a fantastic way to generate more content and traffic, without having to write everything yourself. lets face it the only way to beat Google is with plenty of fresh content, and you cannot write it all yourself.

In return you may allow revenue sharing, backlinks, and other promotional methods to get people to write on your website, but unless you let your authors track their pageviews, chances are they will go somewhere that does.

The downside is that integrating custom author tracking ID’s in to Javascript code is difficult, and combining user tracking with your own tracking even more so.

The good news is that with our Google Analytics Multi User wordpress plugin you can insert all this coding in a couple of easy clicks!

Using our Google Analytics multi author tracking you can easily allow your users to track their traffic, keywords and more, without interfering with your own tracking!

Allowing your users to follow their stats on Google Analytics has two big benefits.  The first benefit is letting your users see just how well their articles are doing.  This helps keep tehm motivated, and see what works.

The second major benefit is all to to with data. Letting your authors see all their data might not seem important, but your best traffic generating writers may be able to use their traffic and keyword data to generate even more traffic and revenue to your site!
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